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My Places

What is My Places?

My Places is your personal travel catalog. This is where you list destinations, hotels, restaurants, shops, museums, and any other points of interest that you have been to and loved around the world. My Places helps you remember where you’ve been and what you’ve done, and allows you to easily share your favorite places and experiences with others.

What is the Visited tab?

This is your private record of all the places you’ve traveled to around the world. If you completed the Travel History import, AmiGo pulled the location data from the photos in your camera roll and populated this tab for you. If you did not, you can perform the Travel History import at any time, or manually populate your Visited tab.

What is the My Gallery tab?

This is your curated travel catalog that you want to share with others. When you recommend places (hotels, restaurants, etc.), they appear in My Gallery and are grouped by destination. You can edit the images, destinations, and layout to match your travel aesthetic.

Who can see what I publish in My Gallery?

If your account is public, all AmiGo users can view what you publish in My Gallery. If your account is private, only your approved followers can access what you publish in My Gallery.

A destination is showing up in Visited that I haven’t been to. Why is that?

If you completed the Travel History import, AmiGo pulled the location data from the photos in your camera roll. If you have any saved photos that friends sent you while they were traveling, this could have caused the error. You may delete the destination from the Visited tab if it is an error.

Why does the AmiGo database only have certain cities in it?

AmiGo’s city database has been curated to include most of the top tourist destinations around the world. This has been done to keep the app as organized and user-friendly as possible. For example, our database has Miami, Florida, but it does not have Miami Beach, Florida. This way, users looking for recommendations in the greater Miami area will be able to find them all in one place. However, we are constantly adding to and improving our database.


What is an AmiGo?

An AmiGo is any user that you follow. People that follow you are referred to as Followers.


What type of place can I recommend?

You can recommend any point of interest as long as it has a location on Foursquare or Google Maps. This can include hotels, neighborhoods, restaurants, cafés, gyms, nail salons, spas, museums, parks, movie theaters, and more. Once you publish a recommendation, it will be added to My Gallery in the city within which it is located and will be visible to your followers.

What does MustGo mean?

MustGo is a filter that should be used for your absolute favorite places. By using this filter, you are identifying that a place is a must-visit in the city within which it is located.

Can I recommend a place without a photo?

Yes. You can recommend a place without a photo, or opt to add a public image from sources such as Foursquare and Google.


What can I find in Explore?

Explore is the perfect tool for travel planning or finding great recommendations while you are on a trip. This tab has recommendations near your current location (if you allow us access to that information), curated editorial content, and recommendations for places to travel based on your interests. You can also find and follow top users here.

What are the GO Guides?

The GO Guides are AmiGo’s tightly curated travel guides, with our expert recommendations on where to stay, eat, shop, and more. They are particularly helpful if you’re planning a trip to a place you’ve never traveled to before—filter by MustGo and you’ll get a short list of classic (but cool!) places to visit. We add new guides and regularly update existing ones, so check back often for the latest travel intel.


What gets added to my Feed?

Your feed displays new content from your AmiGos and the GO Guides. To see more in your Feed, add more AmiGos!

When I publish a recommendation, does it go on other users’ feeds?

Yes, but only for accounts that follow you.

My Wishlist

Will a user be notified if I save one of their recommended places to My Wishlist?

If you find a place by exploring a specific AmiGo’s My Places, or the place has only been recommended by one person, then that AmiGo will receive a notification that you have saved one of their recommended places to your Wishlist.

Who can see My Wishlist?

Your Wishlist is private.


Will my information or photos be shared?

Absolutely not, we care about protecting your information and privacy. You choose to share what you want to share with your followers, and if your account is private, no one except the people you’ve allowed to follow you will see anything you publish. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.


Does AmiGo include any information about Covid or how to stay safe while traveling?

Yes. See the latest travel advisories by tapping the black “Covid & Travel Safety Resources” banner at the top of the main Explore screen. This links to the Center for Disease Control and U.S. State Department, and includes some articles about Covid-friendly destinations.


Why is AmiGO invite-only?

AmiGo is invite-only so that our content remains as curated and valuable as possible. Users have a limited number of invitations they can use to invite their most well-traveled friends and family.

Who can I invite?

Anyone you want! We recommend inviting people that you often ask for travel tips, but you can use your invites as you see fit.

I used my 5 invites. Can I get more?

Yes! The more you engage with the app, the more invites you will get. Start by recommending some of your favorite places!

How does the waitlist work?

We continuously monitor the waitlist, and we add new users as often as possible while still maintaining our tight-knit community. You can bypass the waitlist if an AmiGo user invites you to the app!


Why can’t I send a direct message to some AmiGo users?

You can direct message anyone who is on AmiGo version 1.1.0 or later. If you are trying to send a message to someone who is on an earlier version, it won’t work until they update the app.